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Tennis Camps in Spain - Barcelona

International Summer Tennis Camp

The CTR summer tennis camp (Barcelona, Spain) is designed for junior tennis players (8 to 18 years old) who want to enjoy tennis and play at a high intensity level. The camp starts on June 5th, 2017 until September 8th. You have the option of coming for one week or multiple weeks. If you are interested in coming before or after these dates, you can join the Competition Academy U18, the Easter Tennis Camp, and the Winter Tennis Camp.

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Our main focus here at the CTR International Tennis Camp is to improve the technique and attitude of each player on the court. The official language spoke at the camp is English, since we have players from all over the world.



The CTR Catalunya Tennis Resort is the only resort in Spain that specializes in tennis. The resort is located in Girona - Barcelona, Spain. It is 80,000m2 and it has 14 tennis courts, 4 padel courts, one football field, a big garden area with 3 outdoor swimming pools, and one of the best restaurants in the area.

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  • - Director of the Summer Camp.
  • - Sport Management degree in the USA.
  • - 15 years of coaching experience.
  • - Former Concord University (USA) tennis player.



  • - Director of the CTR.
  • - Tennis coach for the Spanish Tennis Federation.
  • - 40 years of coaching experience.
  • - Member of the National Spanish Team in the World Tennis Championship.



  • - Head coach of the CTR Tennis Academy.
  • - Former ATP tennis player.
  • - 10 years of coaching experience.



  • - Coach of the CTR Tennis Academy.
  • - Coaching experience in the UK, Dubai, and Spain.



  • Carme is in charge of most of the out of court activities and issues.
  • She takes care of the children that get injured.
  • Also she deals with the housing organization, transportation, etc.



  • Every year we have two or three international coaches.
  • We have had coaches from England, Scotland, France,
  • Portugal, Ukraine, Belgium, and Argentina.

Daily Schedule

  8:00: Wake up and eat breakfast   15:00: Language lesson (English or Spanish) - optional
  9:00: Head to the courts   16:00: Matchplay + personalized training
  9:30: Technical/tactical tennis & physical education   18:00: Shower
  11:00: Rest + snack   18:30: Head back to the house
  11:20: Technical/tactical tennis & PE + points/games   18:45: Free time/swimming pool
  12:30: Recreational use of the swimming pool   20:00: Dinner
  13:00: Lunch   20:30: recreational activities
  14:00: Free time   23:00: sleep time


Every week each player will have the oportunity to be in a tournament, they will be categorized by level.


For the players that are staying with the group: The players will stay in a big bungalow style house located 7,4km away from the CTR. The house has a big garden, with a swimming pool, a football field, and a volleyball court all of which is fenced in. There is also a dinning area where the players will have breakfast and dinner (lunch will be at the CTR). A shuttle will take the players to the CTR every morning at 9am and bring them back every evening at 7pm. The players will never be unattended.

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can freu piscina

For the players staying with an adult (there are a couple of options):

You will get a discount with all three of these accommodation options if you are a CTR tennis costumer and you book it with us. You can book filling out the form at the end of this page or calling us at +34 647 735 280.

  • - HOTEL MAS SOLA: a four star hotel with a spa, located in the same area as the tennis courts.
  • - APART-HOTEL CAN GALLART: an apart-hotel 2.2km away from the CTR. It has an outdoor swimming pool, a fully equipped kitchen, wifi, and a parking area.
  • - HOTEL EVENIA OLYMPIC: the option of a three or a four star hotel in the beach town Lloret de Mar, 20 km away from the resort.


The Tennis Camps are held at the CTR Catalunya Tennis Resort, located in Santa Coloma de Farners (Girona - Barcelona), Spain.

2017 New Developments

  • - More coaches: after the great success of the camp in 2016, in 2017 we will have more coaches so the players can have a more personalized training. They will be international and qualified.
  • - Physical training: We will add a physical training session in the morning practice.
  • - Renewed rooms: the accommodation house is renewing now the rooms where the children and teenagers will sleep.
  • - Night monitors: when the players get to the house arounds 7pm, a new set of monitors will take care of the children until they make sure everyone is sleeping.
  • - Night activities and games every night: the night monitors will organize activities every night after dinner.
  • - Better Sunday activity: in the summer of 2017 we are preparing a more exciting Sunday activity.
  • - More variety of food: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will have more kinds of food.


  Accommodation full board Without accommodation
(9:30-18h Mon-Fri)
1 week 750 € 475 €
2 weeks 1800 € 900 €
3 weeks 2700 € 1350 €
4 weeks 3900 € 1700 €

This price includes:

  • - Daily tennis training
  • - Accommodation
  • - Meals (breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, and dinner)
  • - Use of all of the facilities at the CTR
  • - Weekend recreational activity (for players staying 2 weeks or more)

This price does not include:

  • - Sports material
  • - Laundry (10€/5L bag)
  • - Language lessons (50€/week)
  • - Racket stringing
  • - Transportation to/from airport, train station (160€/trip to Barcelona, 40€/trip to Girona)
  • - Players expenses/pocket money (for snacks, drinks, ...)

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Other information

  • - There will be a maximum of 4 players per court (exept when training serves)
  • - The training groups will be based on tennis level
  • - There is limited registration per week
  • - If you are registering sibilings you get a 10% discount in one sybiling in the training part (not accommodation)
  • - The arrival time is on Sunday from 5 to 6pm
  • - The departure time is on Friday at 6pm
  • - The arrival time for the non-residents is every day at 9:15am and the pick up at 6pm
  • - If you need picked up at the airport or train station, the arrival time should be on Sunday (11am-3pm) in Barcelona. If you are arriving in Girona, you can arrive on Sunday (1pm-4pm)
  • - On Saturdays the players will go to a beach town on the Costa Brava. The players will be accompanied by coaches and other staff members
  • - Any pocket money that the players bring can be left in an envelope at the CTR reception or with the player (this is the parents choice)
  • - Personal documentation will be kept at the CTR reception
  • - We need a scanned copy of their ID/Passport
  • - For Spanish players we also need the social security card scanned
  • - We recommend that players coming from outside of Spain have an international insurance policy
  • - We reserve the right to make any changes that we find beneficial to players

Cancelation Policy

If the booking is cancelled one month before the day of arrival, the CTR will refund 50% of the total amount, if it has been already paid. If the cancellation is done less than one month before the arrival, no refund will be given.



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