CTR Tennis Academy

Tennis Academy in Barcelona

Competition Tennis Academy Under 18 Program

The Catalunya Tennis Academy (Barcelona, Spain) is a high performance centre for tennis players from all over the world. The director and also head coach of the academy is Felix Riba, a prestigious Spanish coach with more than 30 years of experience coaching professional and non-professional tennis players. Felix is also a former ATP player that is still playing in the tennis world championship in his age group with the National Spanish Tennis Team.

This is the program for  tennis players under 18 years old, if you are 18 years old or older check out the Competition Academy +18 program.

The academy is made for young tennis players from anywhere in the world, that woud like to have the chance at becoming professional tennis players. The CTR Tennis Academy is open all year round, and you have the option to come for a few days, a few weeks, a few months, or a full year. If you would like to come during the summer (June 4th to August 24th, 2017) check out our Summer Tennis Camp and for Easter and winter holidays the Easter Tennis Camp and Winter Tennis Camp

We work with each player individually and we focus on technical, tactical, and psychological aspects of each player. We also make sure each player is keeping up with their studies.



Location: The CTR Tennis Academy is located in Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona) SPAIN.

Facilities: 18 tennis courts (14 clay courts and 4 hard indoor courts), a fully equiped gym, a cafeteria, a doctor's office, a physiotherapist, a nutritionist, a psycologist, an official school (middle school and high school), an outdoor swimming pool, locker rooms...




  • - Director and coach of the CTR Tennis Academy.
  • - Tennis coach for the Spanish Tennis Federation.
  • - 40 years of coaching experience.
  • - Former tennis coach of the Spanish tennis team under18
  • - Former professional tennis player
  • - Member of the National Spanish Team in the World Tennis Championship.
  • - Spanish Champion in the categories +35, +40, +45, +50, +55, and +60.



  • - Tennis coach for the Spanish Tennis Federation.
  • - 30 years of coaching experience.
  • - Former ATP tennis player.
  • - Spanish Champion in the categories +35, +40, and +45.
  • - Spanish Champion in the youth categories.



  • - Head coach of the CTR Tennis Academy.
  • - Former ATP tennis player.
  • - 10 years of coaching experience.



  • - Coach of the CTR Tennis Academy.
  • - 15 years of coaching experience.
  • - Former USA Division 1 University tennis player.
  • - Sport Management degree from the USA.



  • - Coach of the CTR Tennis Academy.
  • - Former ITF juniors tennis player.
  • - 6 years of coaching experience.



  • - Coach of the CTR Tennis Academy.
  • - 6 years of coaching experience.
  • - Former ATP tennis player.



  • - Coach of the CTR Tennis Academy.
  • - Coaching experience in the UK, Dubai, and Spain.
  • - 7 years of coaching experience




  • - Coach of the CTR Tennis Academy.
  • - Sparring at the CTR Tennis Academy.
  • - Former top junior tennis player in Spain.



  • - Athletic training degree.
  • - 30 years of experience with physical training at a high performance level.
  • - Physical trainer of professional athletes.




  • - Athletic training degree.
  • - Masters in Physical Education and Health.
  • - International Athlete with the Spanish track and field team.
  • - Physical Trainer in tennis and golf.

Daily Schedule


Option 1 Option 2
7:00 - Wake up & breakfast 7:00 - Wake up & breakfast
8:00 - Tennis training 8:00 - School or tennis
10:00 - School 14:00 - Lunch
12:45 - Physical training 15:00 - Tennis or school
14:00 - Lunch 18:00 - Physical training
15:15 - School 21:00 - Dinner
18:00 - Tennis training
21:00 - Dinner


The first couple of weeks are used as an evaluation period, after the player has adapted one of our coaches will have a meeting with the player and their parents to go over the tournament schedule. When travelling to tournaments the player(s) will be accompanied by a coach. We attend local and international tournaments (such as Tennis Europe), depending on the level and ambition of each player.



We know playing a sport at a competitive level makes it difficult to keep up with other aspects of life. We strive to make our students understand that their studies are just as important as tennis. The students who are staying at the Catalunya Tennis Academy for a long period of time will have the option of attending a Spanish school or an international school, which follows the curriculum The Unitversity of Nebraska High School. If you would like to read more about what the international school has to offer, you can click here to be directed to their website. If you come for a short period of time or if you already have the studies figured out on your own, you can still join our academy.


Tennis players who are not from Barcelona will stay with a host family and other tennis players. The host family’s house is located 5km away from the academy. The host family is very hospitable and have been hosting tennis players in their home for many years.


  • - On the weekends we offer supervised recreational activities, as well as time to rest after an intense week of practice. Depending on the player's schedule, he or she might play tournaments during the weekend.
  • - Racket stringing service.
  • - Transportation to and from the host family house to the training facilities.
  • - Transportation to and from the airport and train station.
  • - Each player is responsible for having their own health insurance. We can help you find an appropriate health insurance for you, if needed.
  • - When medical services are needed we go visit Dr. Fontserè in Sabadell, a doctor specialized in tennis injuries. In case of an emergency we go to Tauli Hospital also in Sabadell.
  • - Physiotherapy services are also offered at the academy facilities.
  • - WiFi.


You can find all of the prices in the pdf below:






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